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Ownership positions

We invest in established companies in the energy sector to capitalise on our century long legacy in renewable energy production, but we also back new players with the ability to disrupt and transform the green economy.

Baltic Cable

Statkraft owns 100% of Baltic Cable AB, the owner and operator of the underwater interconnector Baltic Cable.

Baltic Cable is an underwater high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line. It runs 250 kilometres from Sweden to Germany, and is the only interconnector connecting price zones SE4 (Sweden 4) and DE-LU (Germany-Luxembourg). The cable began operations in 1994, and has a net interconnection capacity of 600 MW. In 2019, Baltic Cable AB was certified as an independent Transmission System Operator (TSO) under the German Energy Industry Act by the German regulator BNetzA.

Baltic Cable is a vital part of the European electricity network. It contributes to European market integration through providing valuable capacity to the market and facilitating the exchange of renewable energy.

Industrial ownership

As a shareholder in several Norwegian utility companies, we use our own experience and perspectives to develop these companies industrially with the ultimate goal of maximising long-term value creation.


Skagerak Energi AS

Statkraft acquired 34 per cent of SKK and Vestfold Kraft in 2000. In 2001, the two companies were merged to Skagerak Energi and Statkraft increased its ownership to 66.6 per cent.

Owner Ownership share
Statkraft 66.6%
Municipality of Skien 15.21%
Municipality of Porsgrunn 14.83%
Municipality of Bamble 3.34%


Eviny AS

Statkraft acquired an ownership position in Eviny in 1999 and increased ownership to 49.9 per cent in 2002. After sale of 6.5 per cent in 2018/2019, Statkraft’s current ownership is at 43.4 per cent.

Owner Ownership share
Statkraft 43.4%
Municipality of Bergen 37.8%
Several municipalities and two municipally owned entities (Kraftlag) own the remaining shares 18.8%


Å Energi AS

Statkraft acquired an ownership position in Å Energi AS in 2002.

Owner Ownership share
Statkraft 33,3 %
27 municipalities in Agder and Buskerud county own the remaining shares 66,6 %

Shareholdings in Norwegian power plants

Through Statkraft Energi AS, Statkraft has ownership interests in several Norwegian power plants which are operated by other companies.


Sira Kvina DA

Statkraft has shareholdings in power plants operated by the Sira Kvina power company, including Duge, Tjørhom, Roskrepp, Kvinen, Solhom, Tonstad, Åna Sira and Hunnevatn pump. 

Company Ownership share
Lyse Produksjon 41.1%
Statkraft Energi AS 32.1%
Skagerak Kraft AS 14.6%
Agder Energi Produksjon AS 12.2%


Røldal Suldal Kraft AS (RSK)

Through the power company Røldal Suldal Kraft AS, Statkraft has shareholdings in power plants in the Røldal-Suldal system, including Middyr, Midtlæger, Svandalsflona, Novle, Røldal, Suldal I, Suldal II, Kvanndal and Vasstøl.

Norsk Hydro is the operator of the power plants in the Røldal-Suldal system and is responsible for daily operation. The Røldal-Suldal system was originally developed in the 1960s to secure power for Hydro's aluminium production in Karmøy.

Company Ownership share
Statkraft Energi AS 8.74%
Norsk Hydro Produksjon 91.26%

Røldal Suldal Kraft AS owns 54.79 per cent of the Røldal-Suldal facilities. The remaining 45.21 per cent is owned by Norsk Hydro. Statkraft’s ownership share in the Røldal-Suldal power plants is therefore 4.79 per cent. 


The Aurland facilities

The hydropower development in Aurland started in the summer of 1969. E-CO Energi, a company in the Hafslund E-CO Group, is the operator of the Aurland power plants which include Aurland I, Fossane pump, Aurland II, Aurland III, Aurland IV (Vangen), Aurland V (Reppa) and Leinafoss. Statkraft does not have ownership interests in Leinafoss. 

Company Ownership share
Statkraft Energi AS 7%
E-CO Energi 93%



Solbergfoss is a collaboration between E-CO and Statkraft. E-CO is the operator of the power plant and is responsible for daily operations.

Company Ownership share
Statkraft Energi AS 33.33% (ownership to 35.6% of the production) 
E-CO Energi AS 66.66%


The power plants in Orkla (KVO)

The power plants in Orkla (Kraftverkene i Orkla DA) was established in 1978 for the hydropower development in Orkla. Aneo is the operator of the power plants which include, Ulset, Svorkmo, Grana, Brattset and Litjfossen. 

Company Ownership share
Statkraft Energi AS 48.6%
TrønderEnergi Kraft AS  35%
Eidsiva vannkraft AS 12%
Nord-Østerdal Kraftlag SA 4.4%